Lakshmi Ramgopal


I'm a writer covering the occult, ancient history, and immigrant experiences for publications like Chicago ReaderBroadlyAtlas Obscura, and more. I divide my time between Northampton, MA and Chicago, IL.

I bring a wide range of experience, expertise, and sensitivity to my work. I hold a PhD in Classics from the University of Chicago and was a Fellow at the American Academy in Rome from 2015-16. Currently, I'm a Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics at Trinity College. I also write and perform electronic music under the moniker Lykanthea. Pigeonhole me if you dare.

Read my work below, follow me on Twitter, write me at, or sign up for my newsletter some viscera here for rare diasporic musings and updates on my doings.

Photo credit: Sierra Thompson



1.24.17 - talk + musical performance: "Self-Care as Warfare," Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL
3.2.17 - academic lecture: College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA, 4pm
3.16.17 - music: Feminist Happy Hour with SlutTalk, Whistler, Chicago, IL
4.14.17 - academic lecture: Yale University, New Haven, CT, 12pm


1.8.17 - academic lecture: Panel: "Power and Politics: Approaching Roman Imperialism in the Republic," Annual Meeting for the Society of Classical Studies, Toronto, Canada
12.17.16 - workshop: ROSE QUARTZ (for Bystander/Self-Defense Training and Legal Readiness), Catalyst Studios, Chicago, IL
12.15.16 - talk: Therapy Sessions with Seth Vanek, Hungry Brain, Chicago, IL
12.13.16 - reading: Wax Long (a Chicago Park District storytelling event), Kelvyn Park, Chicago, IL
12.10.16 - music: Nothing Up My Sleeve, Digital Art Demo Space, Chicago, IL
10.22.16 - music: "Spellbound," Freehand Chicago, Chicago, IL
10.21.16 - talk: Curses! An Intro to Ancient Greek and Roman Magic, HausWitch, Salem, MA


Mobility in the Roman World, A Cultural History of Empires in Antiquity, Bloomsbury UK, forthcoming in 2018
One and Many: Associations of Roman Citizens in Greece, Meletemata, forthcoming in 2017
The Ancients Used Hyena's Foot for Childbirth—And Identified Copper As a ContraceptiveAtlas Obscura, Nov. 2016
'Go and Reclaim Your Tools': Meet the Woman Behind Black Witch UniversityBroadly, Oct. 2016
Avant-garde pioneer Pamela Z brings her otherworldly vocal manipulations to ConstellationChicago Reader, Sept. 2016
A Ghost Hunter Describes Her Most Memorable SightingsBroadly, June 2016
Improvising Life: Tomeka ReidCacophony, June 2016
Meet a Master Tarot Card Designer from Milan, Italy, Birthplace of TarotAtlas Obscura, December 2015