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Maalai is a sound installation by Lakshmi Ramgopal. The installation explores diaspora, colonialism, and intergenerational trauma with Hindu iconography; written and photographic material; and Tamil recordings of conversations between Ramgopal, her mother Malathi, and her grandmother Nagalakshmi, who passed away earlier this year. The three speak about Nagalakshmi’s childhood; her mother Abayambal; her perspective on Indian Independence; and the separation of the family in its wake. The installation grapples with historian Antoinette Burton’s claim that the memories of home narrated by the women of India’s Late Colonial Period created “an archive from which a variety of counterhistories of colonial modernity can be discerned” to understand how South Indian women born before and after 1947 record their personal histories and when they choose to self-erase. Visitors are invited to sit by the altar, listen, touch the objects on the altar, and read the diary. Please see below for exhibition schedule.

Press for Maalai:

Kajal Magazine: "Maalai: Chicago’s Sound Installation Exploring Intergenerational Trauma and the Untold Stories of South Asian Women"

Exhibition Schedule:

6.22-25: The Power Project, Comfort Station, Chicago, IL
Thursday, June 22: 7-9pm
Friday, June 23: 5-7pm
Saturday, June 24: 12-3pm
Sunday, June 25: 12-3pm

Ramgopal will close the installation on Sunday, June 25 at 8:30pm with a short, improvised performance incorporating the Tamil, Hindi, and Sanskrit hymns and lullabies that Nagalakshmi sings in the recordings

7.21: Remembery, Chicago, IL
7-9pm. Address to be shared day of.