Press for Migration

"[The video for 'Parturition'] is a stunning foray into an Etruscan burial ground, with Krist Mort’s signature woozy monochrome imagery that makes you feel like you’re a part of a primordial invocation." - Noisey, "Parturition" video premiere


"The songs on Migration, which loosely narrate the mythology of the Sumerian goddess Inanna, bounce between gorgeous, long drones and nervous electronic skitters" - Chicago Reader

"Lakshmi Ramgopal, who performs as Lykanthea, is something of a musician's musician. Listening to her speak about her wide array of instruments, her childhood introduction to music as well as the sounds and textures she aims to explore as a musician is the stuff of wonder." - Chicago Tribune

"The electronic ebb and rush of ambiances turn like the travels of the swiftly spinning globe, as Lakshmi sings hymns of the ancients in a tale that breaks against oppressive hands to expressions and emotions that emerge from beyond the pale, and behind the veil." - Impose

"Accompanied by photographs of upended columns and gilded, gothic cathedrals, she pulls ambient music out of its bedroom cliché and transforms it into a vessel for storytelling, putting an intimate spin on tales from ancient civilizations." - MTV Iggy

Interviews: Public Radio International's The WorldNoisey; Impose; No Fear of Pop; Chicago Reader; Literary Chicago; The Autumn Roses; By Measure; The Music Vox (Vocalo 90.7 FM); The Blog That Celebrates Itself (Brazil); Wyrd Daze (Canada); Black Forest Magazine (Norway)Inside the Machine; Velvit.