"[The video for 'Parturition'] is a stunning foray into an Etruscan burial ground, with Krist Mort’s signature woozy monochrome imagery that makes you feel like you’re a part of a primordial invocation." - Noisey, "Parturition" video premiere and interview

"The electronic ebb and rush of ambiances turn like the travels of the swiftly spinning globe, as Lakshmi sings hymns of the ancients in a tale that breaks against oppressive hands to expressions and emotions that emerge from beyond the pale, and behind the veil." - Impose, "Telos" video premiere and interview

"Accompanied by photographs of upended columns and gilded, gothic cathedrals, she pulls ambient music out of its bedroom cliché and transforms it into a vessel for storytelling, putting an intimate spin on tales from ancient civilizations." - MTV Iggy

"The songs on Migration, which loosely narrate the mythology of the Sumerian goddess Inanna, bounce between gorgeous, long drones and nervous electronic skitters" - Chicago Reader, Migration EP premiere and interview

"Lakshmi Ramgopal, who performs as Lykanthea, is something of a musician's musician. Listening to her speak about her wide array of instruments, her childhood introduction to music as well as the sounds and textures she aims to explore as a musician is the stuff of wonder." - Chicago Tribune

"Her debut Migration (out July 29) follows her creative steps in previous projects like the electro duo Love and Radiation and a recent collaboration with dreampop outfit Savage Sister. Yet as a fully-fledged solo artist, Ramgopal embarks on a new journey with Lykanthea, a beautiful exploration of ancient cultures and mythical literature from exotic empires like Greece, where it was partly recorded, resulting in a breathtaking worldly view on over-sized, synth-based compositions." - Boxx, "Aphonia" single premiere

"Melodic and trance-inducing, [Migration] has enough texture and sonic shimmer to keep me fully engaged. In fact, I haven't been able to stop listening to it for the last two days.  I admit I also love the album's conceit, as it follows the story of the goddess Inanna's descent into the underworld, and draws heavily from Diane Wolkstein's groundbreaking work on that myth." - Phantasmaphile, Migration review

"There’s a cavern of memory and unease on the other side of the weightless serenity." - The Autumn Roses, "Telos" video review

Interviews: Noisey, Impose, No Fear of Pop, Chicago Reader, Literary Chicago, The Autumn Roses, By Measure, The Music Vox (Vocalo 90.7 FM), The Blog That Celebrates Itself (Brazil), Wyrd Daze (Canada), Black Forest Magazine (Norway)Inside the Machine, Velvit

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