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"Her debut Migration (out July 29) follows her creative steps in previous projects like the electro duo Love and Radiation and a recent collaboration with dreampop outfit Savage Sister. Yet as a fully-fledged solo artist, Ramgopal embarks on a new journey with Lykanthea, a beautiful exploration of ancient cultures and mythical literature from exotic empires like Greece, where it was partly recorded, resulting in a breathtaking worldly view on over-sized, synth-based compositions." - Boxx

Praise for sundrowned:

Interview with Inside the Machine

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"Opening track 'Glass Orchids' is a complete full minute of perfectly mesmerizing synths and fragile lyrics. Rising echoes and other-worldly pensiveness launches 'Naked', amidst hushed, broody choruses that are at once both exotic and heartwarming. 'Orphan Child' is clearly the up-tempo track of the EP. It captures a brilliant overlay of musical instruments deftly switching between low fi percussions and richly textured atmospherics. As a beautiful last note to this masterful ensemble, 'Diving' cushions luxurious keyboards and some ethereal female vocals to ensure the listener is caught at the helm with its delicate electronica.

sundrowned achieves that rare blend of genuine and genius artistry... Brace yourselves for 15 minutes of song crafting at its pinnacle best." - WordKrapht


"sundrowned, a collab between Savage Sister and Lykanthea is everything it ought to be. It aims at the right target and hits dead-center bullseye... The EP is a clear '10,' and one of the best we're likely to hear this year." - anothercountyheard

"I get the feeling that sundrowned is [Lykanthea and Savage Sister's] ticket to bigger things." - Sphere Music

"sundrowned dwells in ambient sonic depths; somewhere in a world betwixt awake and asleep. 'Naked's echoes of ghostly voices perhaps epitomizes the record's entirety which is vocally and lyrically hard to place or decipher, but something just to nestle into without too much examination." - Little Indie Blogs


"...sundrowned subdues the burning star into seas of calm. Hear the ambient undertow of earth's forgotten depths on 'Glass Orchids,' 'Naked,' 'Orphan Wild,' the new age deep ends of 'Diving.'" - Impose

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"As a classically trained vocalist in the (traditional Indian) style of Carnatic music, there was always going to be something of the exotic in the songcraft of Lykanthea. But as a recent collaboration with fellow Chicago dream poppers, Savage Sister, shows - in this case, the exotic stretches to the otherworldly. Spread across four tracks, new EP sundrowned is a melting pot of rich atmospherics and delicate electronica..." - Nugazer

"...the ambience of this EP is seductive. With lengthy instrumentals, drones, and laidback progression, these tracks are almost hypnotic. The choir-like vocals flow effortlessly throughout each track and the originality of this experimental work of art is remarkable.

The opening track, Glass Orchids, is a perfect introduction. Much like the title, this short track feels delicate. The brief innocence of the track sets the scene perfectly for the duration of the EP, and speaks volumes alone." - Listen Up Manchester

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"sundrowned is a quite beautiful EP that makes you want to go to sleep, and for once this is meant as a huge compliment." - The Sound of Confusion

"...as classic as it gets." - I Can Guarantee

Lykanthea has also been interviewed live on Radio One Chicago and received nods from Largehearted Boy, Independent Music News, Sakona Webzine, SoundsXP, Skope, Deli Chicago, Electric Sound of Joy, Sounds XP, The Global Voice, Raised by Gypsies, Love Like Manic, POPCAST and Fragile or Possibly Extinct.